Has Jim Stone shot himself in the foot?

My interest in FE arguments stems from their relevance to my own craft, and I find them intriguing. Jim Stone, on the other hand, is very vocal against them. It is intentional that I don't provide his newest site's (searchable) link here - some of you will know why, others be warned.

My errand here is the screenshot below from some days ago, taken yesterday. It is part of a context. I may have missed something, but now I wonder how that tallies with the FE core arguments regarding Westward vs. Eastward flights - airplanes, that is. And, I wonder where are the real in situ photos of all that orbiting junk.

If nothing else, this may be an opportunity to question his claims, overall.

Jim Stone versus Flat Earth
(Click image for Photo Quality)


Response via email norselark@vivaldi.net is appreciated